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Property Management Software

Digital building management and automated rental management

Digitally manage contracts, automatically calculate utilities, and maintain a constant overview of payments – all in one tool

Real estate management demands the highest level of oversight and structured processes. Fully-integrated property and facility management solutions are ideal for managing all aspects of your properties in a single program, seamlessly and without media breaks, with the flexibility to integrate your own internal processes. Our Property Management software is specifically designed for the requirements of commercial leasing. The software provides a high level of transparency and flexibility, especially when it comes to small scale rentals and/or rentals subject to frequent adjustments. Changes to a rental situation can be mapped out right down to the day, and associated processes – such as utility bills – can be calculated with a high degree of precision. This allows you to maintain a constant overview of your assets, protect your investment, and have additional time for more important tasks.

Automation with a seamless process chain

Standardizing processes increased reliability for your employees in their daily work (in writing invoices, for examples), significantly reducing errors compared to manual processing.

Standard interface for financial accounting

The integrated financial accounting interface provides a standardized data exchange with your accounting software, such as DATEV, SAP, MEGA, BRZ… eTASK can be integrated into your system without media breaks.

Modules and functions of the property management solution


Transparently manage contracts and tenants, map out complex rental agreements, create room and site related reports, and determine basic rent plus utilities.

Kostenerfassung, digitaler Rechnungseingang, Betriebsbuchhaltung mit eTASK

Cost accounting

Create quick and secure payment and receivable invoices for business accounting, with individual approval scenarios

Zahlungsfreigabeprozess, Rechnungsfreigabe mit eTASK

Payment release

Automated workflow for receiving invoices and payment approvals, allocate maintenance costs to cost centers, and view a history of approved payments.

Betriebskostenabrechnung, Nebenkostenabrechnung mit eTASK

Balance operating costs

Reliable and transparent balancing of operating costs at the click of a button, changes to cost allocations and site use are reflected in the accounting period.

Medienversorgung, Verbrauchsabrechnung Mieter mit eTASK

Utility supply

Easily capture meter readings, fairly allocate energy and utility consumption, and create transparent, quick, and accurate consumption invoices.

Mobile Zählerstandserfassung, App für Zählerablesung mit eTASK

Meter reading

Accurately record utility consumption on site with a mobile Windows app. Readings are taken using a barcode scan, which is backed up by an integrated plausibility check for detecting errors.

Mahnwesen, automatisierte Mahnung mit eTASK


Never overlook a missed payment again. Reminders for outstanding invoices and rental payments can be created automatically, with varying levels of escalation.

Zahlungsverkehr, Bankenschnittstelle Mietabrechnung mit eTASK

Payment transactions

Reduce errors easily by directly connecting bank accounts, with interbank compatibility and automated transaction categorization.

Additional modules (optional)

Mahnwesen, automatisierte Mahnung mit eTASK

Financial planning

Software for analyzing real estate portfolios to create risk-return profiles and forecasts

Mobile Zählerstandserfassung, App für Zählerablesung mit eTASK

Due diligence

Evaluate real estate portfolios (financial due diligence) of any size using key figures and reports to create asset management plans.

Zahlungsverkehr, Bankenschnittstelle Mietabrechnung mit eTASK

Building Diagnostics

Software for technical analysis of buildings. Keep an eye on current and future costs of repair and maintenance

Property Management Kopllung an Facility Management mit eTASK

Facility Management / CAFM

Seamlessly link your property management software and the eTASK facility management solutions
Gesamtprozess Property Management Software eTASK

Product overview for Property Management Software (Only in german)

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Hosted on your own servers or in the cloud (SaaS)

Like all CAFM software modules, eTASK Property Management can be hosted on your own servers or on eTASK’s highly-secure, cloud-based servers, which are located in Germany. Using your own servers involves a one-time purchase of the licenses. With this option, updates and new software versions are delivered as a paid service with an annual price. If you opt to use eTASK’s cloud servers, usage will be ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) and purchasing an initial license is not required. Use of the software incurs a monthly charge, which includes updates, support, and server operations.

Our costumers include

Our promise

Seamless integration of all applications and tools in a single portal

A mixed software environment creates numerous problems. If an interface is missing, for example, data must be manually transferred and maintained in both places. Locally saved data, such as the ever-popular Excel tables, cannot be viewed or edited by other users. Even if they are available on Sharepoint or other shared systems, they are often difficult to find for other users. Add to that the classic stack of papers that exist outside of all digital systems. This requires a manual step in every process, a system prone to errors and delays up until completion. Reports are not available at the press of a button and must be created manually.

With eTASK, these manual processes are a thing of the past.

Get rid of isolated individual tools, centralize data management, and set up a fully-integrated “operating system” for your property management. Routine tasks are automated, approval notifications or other steps occur within the system, and process chains are closed to avoid errors and delays. eTASK also saves you the effort of creating reports. Pre-defined templates can be created and exported at the press of a button for up-to-date reporting. Thanks to eTASK, you and your team have more time for the really important tasks

Save time and money

For larger real estate portfolios in particular, a proprietary property management system is often set up from scratch.  First, all existing processes are collected and then replicated in the system, even if the processes are outdated and do not reflect best practices. This software must be constantly maintained and developed, including interfaces for related systems and new modules for additional use scenarios. This is all created for a single customer, who is also left with the entire bill. The acquisition, project, and follow-up costs are correspondingly high. In addition, the lead time between the initial evaluation all the way to completion and wrinkle-free operation of the software is usually quite long.

With eTASK’s standard software, you’ll save a lot of time and money, without having to give up your individual processes.

With eTASK, all modules are fully programmed, thoroughly tested, and already in use by numerous customers. Our software is developed with the “continuous integration” process, and updates are made available to all our customers. In most cases, best practices are already established and can be put to use right away. A common misconception is that standard software prescribes how you need to define your workflows. In reality, the workflows can be very quickly be adapted to your specific software landscape, and you work in a system that feels custom-made.

After individual processes have been configured and data has been entered, an eTASK portal can be up and running in a few days in most cases. Local software installations for each user are not necessary, since our system runs through a browser and is independent of operating system. Updates on each user’s computer are also not necessary.

Testimonial Evangelisches Johannesstift

Our customer Evangelisches Johannesstift

“With eTASK, we were able to tackle a growing number of tasks with the same manpower, with stable and in some cases lower costs. The increase in efficiency has meant we have had more resources for our core business: social services to people.” Clemens Blauert, Head of IT

eTASK Property Management

Advantages at a glance

  • Comprehensive and seamless PM solution
  • Several modules for all PM aspects
  • Future-proof and open thanks to BIM
  • Browser-based with no installation
  • Low-cost standard software
  • Integration of your processes
  • Fast setup

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