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Manager tasks

Efficient organization and execution of operator obligations with CMMS

Save time and money with CMMS by staying on top of the big picture

With eTASK Manager tasks, you provide your team with a professional CMMS tool for organizing your facility and asset inventory and efficiently managing the provision of services. The tool also automates and documents communication between all service partners.

Organized facility and asset inventory

Well-organized facility and asset inventory creates the foundation of a transparent and automated system for processing tasks and meeting operator obligations. To ensure that REG-IS guidelines are automatically incorporated, we recommend using the DIN276-1 standard to structure your inventory. But the benefit of structuring your building and asset inventory extends far beyond automatic incorporation of these guidelines. You also benefit from lossless data exchange with your business partners on tasks such as resource allotment.

Define your own regulations

With over 2,000 regulations, REG-IS is the most comprehensive information system of its kind on the German market. However, regulations on specific assets, such as production or manufacturer specifications, are not included in REG-IS. eTASK’s CMMS system provides you with a way to define your own regulations, either as an extension or as an alternative to REG-IS. As an example, manufacturer specifications can be established parallel to minimum legal requirements to comply with warranty conditions.

Product overview

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Using the CAFM Connect standard of the industry association CAFM Ring e.V., you can organize your buildings and assets according to the DIN277-2 or DIN276-1 standards. In addition, CAFM Connect provides clear mandatory attributes for each asset type, which are relevant for fulfilling operator obligations. Each of your buildings and assets can be logged and saved to a file using the CAFM Connect Editor. Using eTASK, you can import the CAFM Connect files with no loss of fidelity and immediately begin meeting operator obligations. CAFM Connect is a practical and easy-to-use part of the comprehensive IFC data model, making it internationally compliant and BIM-ready.


What are your holding obligations?

With around 2,000 control measures, service checks, and periodic inspections in Germany, identifying the relevant regulations is a challenge for facility management, especially when the rules change over time and processes need to be kept up to date.

With CMMS from eTASK, you can simplify this process for your team by automatically identifying the regulations that are relevant for your assets. By connecting to the regulatory information system REG-IS, the only control measures, service checks, and periodic inspections that will appear in eTASK are for assets actually in your inventory.

Transparent planning and control of service provisions

Is your asset inventory currently organized as an Excel spreadsheet? Excel provides for structured, list-based filing, but it is not a proactive system and therefore completely reliant on the mindfulness and precision of the user. However, your Excel tables are still a good starting point for organizing your operator obligations in eTASK Manager tasks. They can be effortlessly transferred into the system.

With a CMMS like the one from eTASK, operator obligations can be automated based on a set of established rules. Jobs can be scheduled automatically for documented assets in accordance to the applicable regulations. During job planning, you make a one-time decision if a particular service should be carried out by an external provider or through your own internal service department (such as building services).  Based on this setting, eTASK automatically generates the recurring work orders using a custom workflow, including processing order, completion of the task, and documentation.

You can’t plan everything: In eTASK Manager tasks, you can also create ad hoc orders for maintenance and repairs and incorporate them into the workflow.

Testimonial Kunde Bombardier

Our customer Bombardier Transportation

CMMS and additional modules of our CAFM system safeguard operations at the 14 buildings of the Competence Center in Vienna and the global headquarters in Berlin.

Automated workflows

Transparent communication with everyone involved

Working with manually or automatically-generated work orders is managed in a structured workflow that offers varying access options for all users. This allows internal users to accept and complete work orders directly in eTASK. If a partner has not been granted direct access to the system, (small private contractors, for example) the “E-mail / Fax Feedback” is a simple way to record completed tasks in eTASK Manager tasks, including the necessary maintenance records, reports, etc.

Processing workflows are linked to automatic email notifications with information for you and your service providers. For example, these could inform you that an order can be submitted to a service provider, receivables or completed tasks are overdue (according to pre-established escalation rules), or that an approval is needed. A link in the email provides direct access to the work order in question. Each user’s work orders are directly accessible in a personalized “Service List.”

eTASK Manager Tasks

Benefits at a glance

  • Centralized data management
  • Automated processes
  • Secure cloud solution
  • REG-IS and user-defined regulations
  • Fast setup
  • Short lead time

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