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Maintenance procurement portal

Efficient order processing with your maintenance technicians

Save time and money on procurement orders and framework agreements with vendors and service providers!

Processing work orders, especially smaller ones, involves a high administrative effort for companies and institutions that maintain a large building inventory.  This is despite the fact that small orders usually represent a relatively small portion of the total budget for technical building management. Order processing using a central, structured, and transparent process means optimized workflows for everyone involved.

Benefits for you and your technicians

Using the technician’s portal also provides clear advantages for your vendors by reducing lead times on orders and payment processing. You’re also providing your technicians with the ability to deliver services rendered in accordance with your exact expectations, avoiding the additional effort and delays associated with feedback and invoicing errors.

Successful user guidance

Your procurement portal will only be a success if it can be reliably accessed by your technicians without additional training. For your technicians, the IT requirements of the eTASK procurement portal are access to a computer and the internet. The technician’s portal is purely web-based and can be accessed on all operating systems using all standard browsers with no additional software installation. The same applies for your own users. All processes are guided and self-explanatory, meaning there is no need for additional training for your service providers.

Linked to your ERP

The eTASK technician’s portal can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system landscape and connected with your ERP (bi-directionally with SAP, for example). Framework agreements, creditors, and requisitions can automatically be integrated from the ERP. The same is true for your list of services, which can be created directly in the technician’s portal or imported from a GAEB file. The portal provides an integrated GAEB interface for this function. Orders processed within the portal can be sent back to the ERP for payment, making the technician’s portal an extension of your ERP that integrates your technicians as direct users.


from order to payment

In principle, the technician’s portal is quite simple: Using a process that is structured and designed for the specific requirements of your company, you can call up a list of standard services that you have previously contracted with vendors. Your vendors receive an email informing them of a new work order, which they can accept in the technician’s portal. After completing part or all of the job, the technician reports back on the services rendered. The information reported back corresponds to what was outlined in the work order in the first place. After reviewing this report on the services rendered, you can approve payment. Invoicing is completely eliminated. The entire process is digitalized and requires no paper.

Anbindung von Handwerkern in Handwerkerportal

Functions and features

      • Comprehensive web-based solution for use in a browser
      • Flexible reporting options and standard reports
      • Import GAEB service lists with unit prices (X86 format)
      • Complex service index includes several thousand hierarchical positions
      • Detailed service items included in the service order for each technician
      • User-definable approval scenarios
      • Independent, paperless confirmation by technicians
      • No invoicing, payment through crediting process
      • Standard SAP interface
      • Interface with various ERP systems
      • Automated archival of all relevant information and documents
      • Escalation for orders not received or not reported.

Digitalization provides

Huge cost savings per transaction

By automating small orders to service providers with a framework agreement, time that is normally spent selecting and managing technicians can be significantly reduced. You will quickly notice a significant workload reduction and an increase in processing speeds. You benefit just as much as your tenants and employees. With the eTASK maintenance procurement portal, the work associated with routine tasks and small orders will soon be reduced to a minimum – as it should be.

Full control and a complete overview

The eTASK Maintenance Procurement Portal saves you a lot of work, but does not take away your decision-making authority. Checks and approvals continue according to your processes and criteria. For example, you can define approval processes that are dependent on the value of the order. In addition, you have access to useful summaries and evaluations that simplify your reporting and ensure that you have all the information you need at the push of a button. This allows you to concentrate on the important matters where it is worth it to invest a little more time.

eTASK Maintenance Procurement Portal

Advantages at a glance

  • Digital procurement platform
  • Automated and guided processes
  • Simple and unambiguous for users
  • Reflects your procurement processes
  • Fast setup
  • Short lead time

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